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Written by Allen J. Dunavant   
Monday, 15 October 2012 00:00


The Lions welcomed the state 1-A ranked number five Pickens County Tornadoes to Wiley Hollingsworth Stadium on Friday night. The Tornadoes are the new team to region five and have been ranked in the Alabama Sports Writers Association Football Polls since pre-season and continue moving up in the polls. The Lions received the opening kick with Jordan White receiving the ball at the 17-yard line and advancing to the 33-yard line. Vess Benton and the Lion offensive front took the field and following three rushing attempts found themselves facing fourth down and 4-yards at their own 39-yard line. McKain Hubbert rushed onto the field and punted the ball away with the ball sailing out of bounds in the direction of the Lion coaching staff where the Tornadoes offensive front lined up for their first possession. With the snap of the ball Devonte Simon rolled back and connected thru the air with Deonte' Simon for a 55-yard passing score. Following the successful kick on the PAT the score stood 7 - 0 with only two minutes and twenty one seconds erased from the game clock.
White again made the kick off reception stumbling and falling down lining the Lion offense up deep at their own 4-yard line. Aaron Dillard took the hand-off on first down and rambled his way up the middle to give the Lions another set of downs at the 16-yard line. Rushing attacks by Corey Stewart and Aaron Dillard continued moving the ball up field to find V. Benton and the offense facing fourth down and two at their own 37-yard line. The Lions elected to go for the needed yardage and eluded the defenders off-sides to set up first down at the 42-yard line. Sticking with Aaron Dillard as the ball carrier behind the excellent blocking along the line of scrimmage the Lions to their own 48-yard line where once again they found themselves facing fourth down and needing eight yards to continue the drive. V. Benton called Aaron Dillards number once again with Dillard advancing along the left side line where he was forced out of bounds at the 38-yard line. The Lion drive continued with carries by Stewart, Landon Miller and Aaron Dillard but once again stalled to face fourth down and seven at the 34-yard line. V. Benton attempted to catch the Tornadoes off guard by attempting a pass connection with David Aldridge but the ball fell incomplete turning possession over to Pickens County at their own 34-yard line.
The Tornadoes stuck solely with Jamarcus Brown on six consecutive rushing attempts with defensive stops by Anthony Dillard, Calan Robertson and Stewart and Aaron Dillard as the first quarter came to a close with Pickens County facing fourth down and six yards at the Lion 27-yard line. Attempting to catch the Lion defenders off guard Simon attempted a pass towards the end zone but Anthony Dillard was on coverage for the Lions to break up the play, turning the ball over to the Lions.
Stewart took the hand-off and rushed up the middle behind blockers before cutting back to the right side line for a 14-yard gain. Aaron Dillard advanced the ball   over right tackle reaching mid-field for a 9-yard rushing attack. Landon Miller was called upon to continue the rushing attack taking the ball deeper down field to the 43-yard line for another set of downs. Carries by Aaron Dillard and Anthony Dillard moved the ball deeper down field to the 37-yard line where the Lions found themselves once again facing a fourth down situation. Facing fourth and two, Aaron Dillard got the call and advanced over right tackle to the 33-yard line. Stewart took the hand off on first down and rushed around the left side of the line of scrimmage for 10-yards setting Hubbertville up with first down at the 23-yard line. First down brought Aaron Dillard with the rushing attack for a 3-yard gain. Vess Benton connected with Stewart on a pass for a 20-yard touch down with 5:01 remaining in the first half of play. Following the score the Lions eluded the Tornadoes by lining up to kick the extra point but Aldridge who serves as the holder attempted a pass connection with Gabe Stidham who was all along on the right side line but the ball was overthrown leaving the lead with the Tornadoes 7 - 6.
J. Brown was back deep to receive the ensuing kick by Dillard but the onside kick was unsuccessful with the ball rolling out of bounds at the 47-yard line. This possession brought nothing but the air attack from the Tornadoes. First down brought a connection with Rhaheem Curry who was brought down immediately by V. Benton at the 30-yard line. D. Simon attempted an end zone pass to Deonte' Simon on second down but the ball was in and out of Simon's hands bringing up second down. Reverting back to Curry, Simon made the connection deep in the left corner of the end zone for the quick score. The PAT kick was good and with 4:32 remaining in the first half of play the Tornadoes added more points.
Dax Benton received the ensuing kick deep at the 4-yard line and fought his way up field shaking off would be tacklers and reaching the 23-yard line. Stewart advanced the ball for 9-yards after making a pass reception in the back field. Facing second and one, Aaron Dillard took the hand-off and raced around the left side of the line of scrimmage and cut his way back over the middle of the field for a nine yard gain. Stewart and Aaron Dillard continued the rushing attack moving the ball across mid-field to the Pickens County 46-yard line. Jordan White was met at the line of scrimmage for no gain on first down and Aaron Dillard picked up 4-yards on second down. With time running off the clock the Lion coaching staff called for a time out. Facing third down and 6-yards with 52.3 seconds remaining in the half, Aaron Dillard got the call to advance the ball behind blockers on the right side of the line of scrimmage before bursting his way off to the right side line where a host of defenders forced him out of bounds at the 26-yard line. Aaron Dillard got the call to carry again on first down and gained five yards before being tackled by Curry and a host of angry determined defenders. With 34.7 seconds remaining, V. Benton attempted a pass connection with Stewart along the side line but the pass fell incomplete setting up third down with 27.8 seconds remaining. Reverting back to the rushing attack, Aaron Dillard took the ball to the 16-yard line before racing out of bounds to save time on the clock. V. Benton attempted an air connection with Aaron Dillard in the end zone on first down but the pass fell incomplete with only 17.5 seconds remaining. Determined to make the hard fought trip down field successful with a score, Aldridge made the reception from Benton and rambled his way into the end zone for the touch down with 11 seconds showing on the clock. Attempting to tie the score at 14, Dillard took the hand off up the middle but was stopped just outside of the goal line to leave the score in favor of the Tornadoes at 14 - 12.
Excitement continued in the stadium as the Lion faithful thought that Dillards ensuing on-side kick had been successfully recovered by Jordan White but officials determined that an inadvertent whistle by one of the officials had blown the play dead before the recovery. The Lions lined up for the re-kick but were penalized for delay of game moving the ball back to the 35-yard line. Dillard again kicked the onside kick but Deonte' quickly signaled for the fair catch making the reception at the Lion 46-yard line. With 7 seconds remaining in the first half Pickens County attempted another score before the half with Simon going deep down field with a pass to Darius Jones who made a diving catch just inside the 10-yard line but time expired on the play to bring the hard fought game to a much needed half time break.
Sticking with the on-side kick to start the second half of play, the Tornadoes recovered the ball and set-up for their first possession of the second half at their own 45-yard line. Two plays later J. Brown raced down field for a 34-yard rushing touchdown with only 21 seconds ticking off the clock. The PAT kick was perfect and the score stood 21 - 12. The Tornadoes were penalized for a personal foul on the PAT but Christopher Perkins kick still reached the end zone.
V. Benton and the Lion offense returned to the field facing first down at their 20-yard line. Following a rushing carry by Aaron Dillard and another by Stewart the Tornadoes received consecutive penalties to move the ball to the 33-yard line. Aaron Dillard continued to attack on the ground for the Lions and facing third down and one at the Lion 42-yard line he advanced over right guard for a pickup with the Tornadoes being penalized once again for a personal foul moving the ball across mid-field to the 40-yard line. The possession took a wrong turn for the Lions as first down brought defenders bursting across the line of scrimmage to tackle Stewart in the backfield for a 4-yard loss. Second down brought an illegal procedure penalty against the Lions and the replay of down brought an incomplete pass intended for Aldridge. Facing third down and 19-yards at the 49-yard line, Aaron Dillard showed he still had fight and took the hand off up the middle bouncing away from would be tacklers to reach the 30-yard line. Stewart was held to a one yard gain on first down but Aaron Dillard fought for four yards to bring up third down and 5-yards at the 25-yard line. Dillard was called upon again to advance the ball and rushed around the right side of the line before cutting back inside behind blockers to reach the 13-yard line. Dillard once again took the hand off and rushed around the right side once again where he was finally brought down just inches from the goal line. Sticking with Dillard for the score, he took the ball across the line for the score with 4:46 left in the third quarter. The PAT kick by Dillard was down the middle of the uprights to leave the score standing at 21 - 19.
Jadarius Spencer recovered the ensuing on-side kick at mid-field and the Tornadoes used very little time off the clock to find the end zone. Facing fourth down and five yards at the Lion 45-yard line, Simon pitched the ball out to Deonte' Simon who raced down to the 30-yard line before Stewart and Dakota Dozier could make the saving stop. Simon connected with Curry thru the air on first down and with only 1.43 off the clock the Tornadoes had struck again to raise the score 28 - 19.
Dax Benton and Jordan White lined up deep to receive the ensuing kick but the ball sailed out of bounds at the 35-yard line. V. Benton and the offense were unsuccessful picking up a first down so McKain Hubbert returned to the backfield for his second punt on the evening. Hubberts punt rolled dead at the 15-yard line but on first down J. Brown advanced the ball back to the 35-yard line before being stopped by Benton and White. First down brought a pass attempt to Deonte' Simon but Austin Palmer was on coverage for the Lions knocking the ball to the ground. T.J Pratt burst his way thru the line and met Brown with the tackle on second down for a 6-yard loss moving the Tornadoes' offense back to the 28-yard line. Third down brought another passing attempt deep down field but the ball was overthrown setting up fourth down as the third quarter came to a close. Facing fourth down and sixteen, Perkins lined up for his first punt of the night with the ball rolling dead at the Lions 32-yard line.
Sticking with the rushing attack Aaron Dillard and Stewart attempted to advance the ball but facing third down and ten, Benton connected on a pass attempt with Aldridge who advanced to the 43-yard line before being tackled. Aaron Dillard took the hand off on first down but was met immediately for the stop by a host of defenders. Offical's walked off additional yardage as the Tornadoes were penalized for a face-mask infraction. With a new set of downs at the Pickens County 43-yard line, Benton connected with Aaron Dillard thru the air with the stop being made at the 21-yard line. Rushing attacks by Stewart and Aaron Dillard advanced the ball to the 18-yard line and facing fourth down and seven, Benton connected on a pass with Aldridge who advanced to the 9-yard line setting up first down and goal. Reverting back to Aaron Dillard as the ball carrier, Dillard fought his way around the right side of the line of scrimmage battling to the 3-yard line before being stopped. Facing second down and goal, Dillard once again got the call to carry advancing towards the end zone where he was met by a host of defenders just short of the goal line. Darius Jones came out of the pile up with the ball and raced untouched to the other end zone for the quick score with 6:23 remaining in the game. The PAT kick was perfect.
Once again the ensuing kick rolled out of bounds and the Lion offensive front returned to the field at the 35-yard line. Misery continued albeit late in the game as on the second play from scrimmage Benton's pass intended for Aldridge was intercepted by Brown and returned for the score. Once again the PAT kick by Perkins was perfect and the score increased another seven points in favor of the visiting Tornadoes with 5:24 remaining in the game.
Jordan White fielded the ensuing kick at the 15-yard line and advanced to the 27-yard line before being brought down by a host of defenders. With rushing attempts by White, Anthony Dillard and Stewart, the defense held the Lions on their last possession of the evening. M. Hubbert once again lined-up in the backfield and punted the ball away with the ball rolling out of bounds at the 42-yard line. The Tornadoes used the remaining time wisely allowing time to expire ending a hard fought battle for both teams. The number five ranked team remains unbeaten and the Lions fall to 2 - 3 in region five play and 4 -3 on the season. The Lions will travel to Brilliant to battle the Tigers on Friday night.
Comments from Coach Lamar Harris:
"I thought we played extremely hard in this game. I'm proud of the efforts by my guys although we came up short of the win. We made some costly mistakes which hurt us late in the game.The score does not indicate the battle that the players fought out on the field tonight. Anyone who was here witnessed the determination by our team to standup against a team which they had been told they would have no chance to compete let along win against. If our guys had listened to all of the negative remarks the game tonight could have been exactly that, but they stood ground and played with discipline to prove those who were talking the talk wrong. Had it not of been for those two turn-overs late in the game the score wouldn't look as lop-sided. But albeit turn-overs are part of the game. Our offensive and defensive lines were excellent and on their mark tonight. Our backs fought a though hard battle from the start until the end and our defensive front stepped up and made some big plays to keep the game close and exciting. Once again I'm proud of my guys although I'm just as disappointed as they are with the loss. We know there's still lots of ball to be played and I know this group will continue the fight. I have tremendous respect for these players."


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