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Written by Allen J. Dunavant   
Monday, 05 November 2012 00:00


The Lions finished out their regular season play with a shut-out victory over the visiting Vina Red Devils. Following the coin toss, Aaron Dillard and the Lion kicking team met the Red Devils for the stop at the 30-yard line. Dakota Dozier made his way into the backfield for a two yard loss on first down and Anthony Dillard and Aaron Dillard made the stop at the line of scrimmage on second down leaving the Devils offense in a state of confusion. Converting the attack to the passing attack on third down proved successful as the connection was made with Michael Hester who scrambled to the 43-yard line before Jordan White could make the tackle. Reverting back to the rushing attack on first down was unsuccessful as Calan Robertson made the tackle after a two yard gain.  Sticking with the rushing attack the Devils attacked the right side of the line of scrimmage and burst up field to the Lion 39-yard line where T.J. Pratt made the saving stop. Hester continued his attack of the Lion defense by taking the pitch out and moving the ball to the 27-yard line before Aaron Dillard and D. Dozier could make the tackle. The drive came to a stall at the 25-yard line with the Vina facing fourth down and eight, the Devils reverted back to the air attack with the pass falling incomplete,  turning the ball over on downs to the Lions.
Vess Benton and the Lion offensive front took to the field and with two successful rushing attacks by Aaron Dillard moved the ball to the Red Devils 29-yard line. Ground attacks by Anthony Dillard and Landon Miller inched the ball inside the Devils red zone where facing third down and two, Aaron Dillard rambled his way to the 17-yard line setting up another set of downs for the Lions. Anthony Dillard rushed up the middle on first down for a ten yard gain to set the Lions up with first down and goal at the 6-yard line. Unfortunately for the Lions the ball came loose on the exchange on first down and the Red Devils recovered the fumble inside their own 5-yard line.
The Red Devils fumbled the ball on the exchange on first down but managed to recover near the line of scrimmage. D. Dozier made the stop on second down after a 1-yard gain and Pratt made the tackle on third down after a 1-yard gain. Facing fourth down and 8-yards deep inside their own territory, the Devils were forced to punt the ball away with David Aldridge back to receive.
Aldridge signaled for the fair catch with the reception made at Devils 29-yard line. Aaron Dillard was stopped after a 3-yard gain around the left side of the line of scrimmage as the first quarter came to a close. With the snap of the ball to start the second quarter Aaron Dillard took the hand off and rushed untouched into the end zone lighting up the Lions side of the scoreboard. The PAT kick by Aaron Dillard with Aldridge holding was perfect and with 11:50 remaining in the first half of  play the Lions were on the scoreboard.
Cody Renfrow received the ensuing kick at the 15-yard line bobbling the ball with Pratt making the tackle at the 23-yard line. Justin Franklin fought his way into the backfield for a take down and a two yard loss on first down. Outstanding defensive plays by Devin Marcum, Robertson, Aaron Dillard, Blayke Hill, Pratt keep the Devils in check. Facing fourth down and 5-yards at their own 40-yard line the Devils elected to go for the needed yardage. Cody Renfrow on a keeper advanced the ball to the Vina 48-yard line to keep the drive alive. Following a time out the Devils moved the ball across mid-field to the Lion 48-yard line with a pitch-out to Hester who raced out of bounds as Pratt made the approach. Stops by Miller and Zach Jenkins coupled with an illegal procedure call left the Devils facing third down and nine at their 49-yard line. D. Dozier continued to haunt the Red Devil offense and burst into the backfield sacking Renfrow for a 5-yard loss. Fourth down brought the punt team to the field with Aldridge back to receive for the Lions.
Aldridge made the reception at the 25-yard line and scrambled down the left side line reaching the Vina 48-yard line before he could be stopped. Aaron Dillard took the hand off on first down and advanced over right tackle to the 28-yard line before being tackled. Additional yardage tacked on at the end of the play moved the ball to the 13-yard line following an illegal tackle by the Red Devils. First down brought Aldridge racing down the left side line and into the end zone untouched for the score. The PAT kick by Aaron Dillard was good and the Lion lead increased 14 - 0 with 3:40 remaining in the half.
Anthony Dillard's kick was received at the 33=yard line by signaling for a fair catch setting up the Vina Red Devil offense. Marcum, Miller and Robertson made the stop after a 2-yard gain on first down. Dozier burst into the backfield for the sack on second down bringing up third down and 10-yards. Vess Benton met Hester at the line of scrimmage for no gain to set up fourth down and 10-yards. Following a time-out by the Lions, the Devils attempted a pass completion down field but Anthony Dillard made the play knocking the ball to the ground to turn the ball over to the Lions at the Devils 35-yard line.
The Lions were unable to capitalize on the short yardage with time ticking away on the first half. McKain Hubbert lined up in the backfield and booted the ball deep down field with the ball rolling dead at the 28-yard line. First down brought V. Benton across the line scrimmage fighting into the backfield where he made the sack resulting in a four yard loss. Before the ball could be snapped again time expired bringing the first half of play to a close.
Michael Hester attempted an on-side kick to open the second half of play but Miller was all hands on the kick recovering the ball immediately and setting the Lion offensive front up at their own 47-yard line. Back to back rushing attacks resulted in first downs for the Lions with Aaron Dillard and Anthony Dillard moving the ball to the 21-yard line. Miller took the hand-off and advanced an additional 7-yards setting the Lions up with a second down deep inside the Red Devil red zone. Miller was called upon again to gain additional yardage and he reached the 12-yard line bringing up third down and one for the Lion offense. Aaron Dillard wasted little time advancing over left side of his line of scrimmage following blockers to the end zone for his second rushing touchdown on the evening. Following the successful PAT kick the score stood 21 - 0 with 9:15 showing.
Aaron Dillard's ensuing kick sailed deep into the end zone for the touchback. Dillard continued his presence on the field by sacking Renfrow on first down. Second down brought an unsuccessful pass attempt and on third down Hester was met at the line for no gain by Hill, Marcum and Robertson. Facing fourth down the Red Devils were forced to punt the ball away but following the short yardage punt the Lions were penalized for a personal foul resulting in a first down for the Red Devils. Facing first down at the 27-yard line, Pratt and V. Benton made the stop after a 6-yard gain. Hester took the pitch out on second down advancing to the 37-yard line before Anthony Dillard and V. Benton made the tackle. Marcum met the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage on first down and Pratt and Robertson burst into the backfield to make the tackle on second down. Facing third down and ten, Pratt fought his way into the backfield once again and sacked Renfrow for a two yard loss. Fourth down brought the punter into the line up with Aldridge back to receive for the Lions.
Aldridge made the reception and was brought down at the 37-yard line to bring the Hub offensive front back to the field. First down brought V. Benton hooking up through the air with Aldridge who raced down field towards the end zone where he was tackled just short of the goal line. Anthony Dillard got the call to carry the ball and rushed around the right side of the line of scrimmage for the score. With the kick by Aaron Dillard on the PAT the Lions were comfortably building their lead 28 - 0 with 2:45 remaining in the third quarter.
The ensuing kick by Aaron Dillard was fielded at the 4-yard line and advanced out to the 24-yard line where Gabe Stidham made the stop for the Lions. Hill and Robertson made the tackle on first down after a two yard gain. Second down brought a rushing attack around the left side of the line of scrimmage but Hill once again made the stop following a three yard gain. Kris Parson and Marcum were on the stop on third down as the third quarter of play came to a close with the Devils facing fourth down and one at the 33-yard line. Parson made the tackle after a three yard rushing attack gained the needed yardage for the first down. Zach Jenkins and Parson made the stop on first down after a four yard gain but Marcum and Jenkins held their ground on second down for no gain. Marcum once again held his ground on third down resulting in no yardage gained with the rushing attempt to set up fourth down and 6-yards at the 40-yard line. Renfrow attempted a pass connection deep down field but the ball was overthrown with pressure being applied by Pratt and the ball being turned over on downs to the Lions.
Aldridge replaced V. Benton at quarterback and the Lion coaching staff started sending in substitutions at numerous positions. Anthony Dillard got the call to carry on first down advancing for three yards and Jordan White got the call on second down advancing for a four yard gain. Facing third down, Pratt took the hand off and raced up the middle but the Lions were penalized for an illegal procedure moving the ball back to the 38-yard line. Austin Palmer advanced the ball over the right side of the line of scrimmage for a three yard gain to leave the Lions facing fourth down and 6-yards. White got the call to fight for the needed yardage, advancing the ball over the left side of the line behind blockers racing to the 27-yard line for the first down. Sticking with White on the ground attack the Lions moved the ball to the 12-yard line for a 15-yard gain and another first down. Carries by Pratt and Nathan Young inched the ball closer down to the 10-yard line. On third down Aldridge called his own number scrambling around the left side line for his second touchdown of the night with 3:40 remaining until the final buzzer. The kick by Aaron Dillard split the uprights and the final points of the evening were added to the scoreboard.
On the ensuing kick by McCain Hubbert the rolling ball was recovered at the 28-yard line where the Red Devils lined up for their final offensive drive. Hester took the pitch out on first down and raced around the right side for a seven yard gain before Nathan Young made the tackle. Sticking with Hester the Devils moved the ball to the Lion 48-yard line where Austin Palmer made the saving tackle. Brandon Smith made the tackle on first down after a 5-yard gain and Hester raced around the right side line to the 37-yard line gaining the needed yardage for another set of downs before White and A. Palmer could bring him down. On first down, Renfrow went deep down field with a passing attempt but Palmer was on coverage for the Lions forcing the ball to be overthrown. Second down brought Hester with the rushing attack once again but Smith made the tackle for no gain. Michael Hester was stopped by Gabe Stidham and Chuck Ginther on third down after a one yard gain resulting in fourth down and 10-yards. The Devils coaching staff elected to call a time out with only 5.8 seconds remaining. Following the time out Renfrow scrambled around in the backfield attempting to find a receiver down field but with time ticking away and pressure applied he scrambled across the line of scrimmage where White made the stop as time expired to end the game. The victory leaves the Lions with a 7 - 3 record on the year and a 4 - 3 Region Five record. The Lions will travel to Ragland to participate in the first round of state play-off's on Friday night. This is the Lions third consecutive trip to the state play-offs with their last visit to Ragland coming at the end of the 2010 regular season.
Comments from Coach Lamar Harris:
"We started the game out in the wrong frame of mind. We played very sloppy in the first quarter and allowed them to drive the ball down field until we finally made the much needed defensive stand deep in our own territory. After marching back down the field and moving the ball inside the red zone we fumbled the ball away but once again our defense held their ground and we moved the ball back to score on the first play of the second quarter. We continued on that track all through the first half and played poorly which can come back too haunt you. After coming out of the locker room we improved our play on both sides of the ball but still we were not in the right frame of mind and we were not as crisp as I would expect. Maybe the play-off's had something to do with our lax focus. I'm looking forward to leading this team into the play-off's and hoping we can contend their focus making the play-off's as successful as we want them to be."


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